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TimeChain that preserves humanity in digital age

It is supremely ironic, but fatefully unsurprising: Satoshi’s own identity case proves how important his invention is. In COPA v. Wright, British High Court Judge Mellor declared, before issuing a final written judgment, that Dr. Craig S. Wright is not Satoshi, the inventor of Bitcoin. Based on the evidence presented in the trial, the judge must have been persuaded by the allegations of forgery. This proves that the COPA strategy has worked. Logic dictates that… Read More »TimeChain that preserves humanity in digital age

BTC is more corrupt than fiat

“An honest man is one who knows that he can’t consume more than he has produced.” Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged. Before you take pride in how much wealth your favorite coin has extracted from the real economy, ask what your coin has contributed to the world, or at least will contribute. If you believe it has real productive value, please justify it using an honest theory that makes economic sense. Whenever destroyers appear among men,… Read More »BTC is more corrupt than fiat

Is Bitcoin’s Merkle tree a binary search tree?

Is Bitcoin’s Merkle tree a binary search tree? Dr. Wright says Bitcoin’s Merkle tree is a binary search tree (BST). BTC devs disagree and question his qualifications. The questioning by BTC and Dr. Wright’s answers show a typical example of Dr. Wright talking about it at a level and depth that others haven’t thought of. Ironically, some even question Dr. Wright’s understanding of technology at the undergraduate level, not in spite of this but because… Read More »Is Bitcoin’s Merkle tree a binary search tree?

“The Three-Body Problem” and Scidolatry

I tried to watch the 30-episode Chinese TV series The Three-Body, based on Liu Cixin’s now-famous novel The Three-Body Problem. I couldn’t last more than an hour and had to skim to the end quickly. I generally have a soft spot for sci-fi and can often passively receive low-quality junk for quite a while before my brain can come up with a firm “stop” signal. But this is worse than junk.  It’s poison. Its philosophy… Read More »“The Three-Body Problem” and Scidolatry

Dr. Wright’s settlement offer to COPA and all opposition parties

On January 24, 2024, Dr. Wright sent to his opponents in the COPA litigation (Claim No. IL-2021-000019), the passing-off claims (Claim No. IL-2022-000035  & Claim No. IL-2022-000036) and database-rights claims, (Claim No. IL-2022-000069) a non-negotiable offer to settle each of these cases. See the offer in its entirety here. Here is a quick summary and analysis of the offer. Key points Foundation:   All lawsuits and claims are to be dropped; the Opposition implicitly recognizes that Dr. Wright is… Read More »Dr. Wright’s settlement offer to COPA and all opposition parties

To prove a negative in COPA v. Wright

In the upcoming trial of COPA v. Wright, COPA sets out to prove that Dr. Wright is not Satoshi, while Dr. Wright provides evidence that he is. How do you prove a negative? There is a misunderstanding about “negative proof”, especially among the supporters of Dr. Wright. The saying is that it is impossible to have “negative proof”. First, there is an issue of terminology. In philosophy, science, and logic, “negative proof” typically refers to… Read More »To prove a negative in COPA v. Wright

Satoshi’s secret in the Genesis block

Much fruitless thinking (especially mine own) is going on about the mysterious 26.9 BTC transferred to the address in the Genesis block of Bitcoin. This is largely due to the lack of clear and definite information. Dr. Wright has said something about the Genesis block in the past. But in his typical fashion, he speaks in his domain and at his own level, with little sympathy for how others are positioned. For example, in one… Read More »Satoshi’s secret in the Genesis block

The price is just a symbol

In this post, the author accuses SEC of committing a crime for causing a drop in stock price. People who do this assume that stock prices must be protected as if they were a value in themselves. That is wrong. It is a good example of what’s wrong with today’s financial industry as a whole. It confuses symbols with reality and price with value. A temporary drop in stock prices is not a destruction of… Read More »The price is just a symbol

The mystery of 26.9 BTC paid to the Genesis block

Many suspect that the 26.9 BTC recently paid to the Genesis block on January 5, 2024 (txid=d7db4f96a4059c8906b953677ce533493d7b9da0f854a21b99f5772910dd0a31) was a deposit Dr. Wright made to satisfy the court-ordered security for costs of the core developers of BTC. There are good reasons: The total amount is close (the total security deposit proposed by the court was £900,000, about $1.15 million, a very close match to the value of 26.9 BTC at the time of transfer), and the… Read More »The mystery of 26.9 BTC paid to the Genesis block

IPv6 Bitcoin-Certified Addresses

Mathieu Ducroux of nChain published a paper entitled IPv6 Bitcoin-Certified Addresses. Abstract: A pivotal feature of IPv6 is its plug-and-play capability that enables hosts to integrate seamlessly into networks. In the absence of a trusted authority or security infrastructure, the challenge for hosts is generating their own address and verifying ownership of others. Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA) solves this problem by binding IPv6 addresses to hosts’ public keys to prove address ownership. CGA generation involves… Read More »IPv6 Bitcoin-Certified Addresses