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Government spending as stimulation is poisonous economic policy

Not all government spending is bad, but using government spending to stimulate consumption as a means to stimulate the economy is bad. It may have some immediate effect of making it less recessionary, but it is like prescribing steroids to a weak patient. The long-term harm is not only a weakened economy in terms of productivity but also a moral hazard of stealing from future generations because such stimulation’s net effect is always inflation and… Read More »Government spending as stimulation is poisonous economic policy

Bayesian probabilities and evidence

The COPA v. Wright trial ended on March 14, 2024. Judge Mellor made an oral statement at the closing of the trial that was quite shocking, especially for people who supported Dr. Wright or were neutral. See Judge’s declaration in COPA v. Wright. Although people could have misunderstood what the judge said, if the written judgment confirms the judge’s declaration that Dr. Wright is not Satoshi, I’ll give due respect to the judgment unless an… Read More »Bayesian probabilities and evidence

The battle on earth

What are we really dealing with now? In the words of RDN @rdnxyz, it is not a technological problem, a cultural problem, a mental problem, an economic problem, or a political problem. “We are in the midst of a Religious conflict.” I agree, except that I would call it “Spiritual conflict” rather than “Religious conflict”. Everything is ultimately spiritual. The visible (physical) is temporal, but the invisible (spiritual) is eternal (2 Corinthians 4:18). Man is… Read More »The battle on earth

“The Three-Body Problem” and Scidolatry

I tried to watch the 30-episode Chinese TV series The Three-Body, based on Liu Cixin’s now-famous novel The Three-Body Problem. I couldn’t last more than an hour and had to skim to the end quickly. I generally have a soft spot for sci-fi and can often passively receive low-quality junk for quite a while before my brain can come up with a firm “stop” signal. But this is worse than junk.  It’s poison. Its philosophy… Read More »“The Three-Body Problem” and Scidolatry

The price is just a symbol

In this post, the author accuses SEC of committing a crime for causing a drop in stock price. People who do this assume that stock prices must be protected as if they were a value in themselves. That is wrong. It is a good example of what’s wrong with today’s financial industry as a whole. It confuses symbols with reality and price with value. A temporary drop in stock prices is not a destruction of… Read More »The price is just a symbol

Man and machine, intuitive logic and arithmetic logic

The barber paradox If the barber shaves everyone who does not shave himself, who shaves the barber? The question is the so-called Barber paradox. It is paradoxical because it always leads to a self-contradictory answer. The barber paradox may strike as a trivial witty remark to many, but it is related to something far more serious. It is an example of Gödel’s incompleteness theorem, which says that formal logic (arithmetically expressible logic) cannot be both… Read More »Man and machine, intuitive logic and arithmetic logic

A fundamental question both the West and China must answer

The following question is the most fundamental cultural question facing the West and China at present and in the next century: To what extent are individual human rights and national identity and strength compatible or contradictory? The answer to this question will determine the fate of the West and that of China. The West Consider the United States of America. Until the 1950s, strong and positive coexisting energy (perhaps even synergy) existed in America between… Read More »A fundamental question both the West and China must answer

Are COVID-19 vaccines killing people?

This is an update of the article written in October 2022. A year later, the suspicious and worrisome pattern identified in the original article has indeed continued. In fact, the numbers have become even more suspicious and worrisome. Weekly death numbers in the combined category of ‘COVID-19, pneumonia and cold ‘ have dropped to around 3,500, about 22% (or 1,000) lower than the pre-covid level of 4,500 (when the category was just pneumonia and cold).… Read More »Are COVID-19 vaccines killing people?

Conscience, confidence, influence

I recall a story of Dan David, an activist short-seller against fraudulent Chinese stocks. In a case he made against a company that he believed was committing fraud, there was a moment he was somewhat nervous after he had published his report exposing the fraud. Although he was highly confident of his investigation and had carefully and objectively reasoned to reach his conclusions, he still had a lingering uncertainty: What if I misinterpreted the other… Read More »Conscience, confidence, influence

Memes are a hack to humanity

Elon Musk tweeted today: The man who is in power enjoys a play. But memes are a hack to humanity. It is one thing to suffer the hacking, it is quite another to actively participate in it and even leverage it using power. While I appreciate Elon’s insights and candidness, his perspective of seeing everything as an entertaining game undermines the values he promotes (even though he clearly thinks that it’s a clever power-play on… Read More »Memes are a hack to humanity