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AI Hallucination is Inevitable

In a published article, “Hallucination is Inevitable: An Innate Limitation of Large Language Models“, authors Ziwei Xu et al. recognize the following: “[It is] impossible to eliminate hallucination in LLM.” “Hallucination has been widely recognized to be a significant drawback for large language models (LLMs). There have been many works that attempt to reduce the extent of hallucination. These efforts have mostly been empirical so far, which cannot answer the fundamental question whether it can… Read More »AI Hallucination is Inevitable

Beyond optics to reality: the gap of information

I recently saw an interesting optical illusion, which probably has been seen by many. A small image shows a figure of a man’s head, but when clicked on to view at a higher resolution (a larger size), it is really a group of children whose body shapes are arranged in a particular pattern to create the effect.  I paused on this and gave it some thought. I’m not sure if I like the trick, but… Read More »Beyond optics to reality: the gap of information

Truth and academic credentials

Here is a post on Twitter about Bill Gates. I have no problem with the point being made there, but it is based on fallacious reasoning. Bill Gates is wrong about vaccination because he is misled by his own ungodly view of the world and life, not because he doesn’t have a formal academic degree in medical science. Gates’ knowledge of biological sciences is broad and quite deep, I would say even beyond most PhDs… Read More »Truth and academic credentials

The Mind behind the universe

The universe is fundamentally energy and information. Everything else can be reduced to these two elements. A fundamental question is naturally this: How do energy and information relate to each other? The theories oscillate between these two possibilities: energy controls information (in a sense that information only emerges as reality when it complies with a preset rule of energy), or information controls energy (in a sense that energy emerges as existence according to a preset… Read More »The Mind behind the universe

The corrupt crypto is your immoral choice

Few people intend to support evil. But many end up doing it anyway. The useless, neo-centralized, intermediated, hackable, nonproductive, greed-imbued, crime-inducing, cancerous crypto is a good example. Let’s take the North Korean dictator’s nuclear program as a test. If you ask people in the crypto world if they would like to see a world being threatened, hijacked, and perhaps even destroyed by North Korea’s nuclear weapons, I postulate that over 99% of people will say… Read More »The corrupt crypto is your immoral choice

“(AI) World models should not be generative”

Yann LeCun, VP & Chief AI Scientist at Meta, made an interesting post on LinkedIn about AI world models: Post | Feed | LinkedIn. The short post may just be one of the most important posts on AI. “World models should not be generative.” I always knew this was the case, but it is great to see empirical confirmation. If one is willing to go beyond the mere empirical, he may start to see the… Read More »“(AI) World models should not be generative”

Discovering the real blockchain

Behrad Babaee, a technology evangelist in Aerospike, writes about why he changed his mind about blockchain: Why I Changed My Mind About Blockchain – The New Stack The article gives insights on database scalability and how a scalable blockchain like BSV solves the problem. The good news is that top IT system architects in the world aren’t fooled by the crypto schemes. They even rightfully despise it. But the bad news is that they don’t… Read More »Discovering the real blockchain

Scaling is more than big blocks

My previous article BSV is the original Bitcoin and the only genuine Bitcoin caused a bit more scaling debate. Some BTC supporters say that BTC can always scale when needed, implying that BTC can always scale by relaxing the block size limitation in the future. After all, isn’t it just a matter of lifting an artificial restriction? But the very idea of “big blocks” contradicts BTC’s foundational narrative. Besides, scaling is more than just big… Read More »Scaling is more than big blocks

BSV is the original Bitcoin and the only genuine Bitcoin

I’m not promoting BSV the coin. I’m not promoting any coin. In fact, I hate cryptocurrencies the way they are today because the whole crypto exchange ecosystem is cancerous socially, economically, and technologically. I’m here to support the BSV blockchain and its technology. I am for utility, productivity, and sustainability. If another chain proves to be more scalable, efficient, and reliable, my mind will pivot before my heart does. The following are three points I… Read More »BSV is the original Bitcoin and the only genuine Bitcoin

TikTok and the digital info pig field

TikTok is based on the realization that over 90% of digital information consumers are simply “digital pigs” who will eat whatever is fed to them. I don’t wish to comment on the politics behind TikTok controversy, but here is the founding philosophy behind TikTok: ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok, was founded in China in 2012 by Zhang Yiming and Liang Rubo based on an “epiphany” from their observation of the field of digital information:… Read More »TikTok and the digital info pig field