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The Humble Function of Education

Education is a very broad concept.  Here I narrow my comment on mass education only, such as schools. Chinese place too much false hope on school education.  Parents and the society expect the schools to make children successful individuals, and don’t realize that even the best school education is only a tool for children to learn some skills and knowledge. But this strangely high expectation is faced with the reality of a double failure: not… Read More »The Humble Function of Education

Individualized education

Individualized education, or adaptive education, is an education system based on the belief that everyone has his own natural and right course of learning, and no one should be forced to learn in a so-called “standard way”. The individualization factor in the five i’s, namely interactive, intuitive, intelligent, integrated, and individualized. A realization of the value of individualized learning is, of course, nothing new and hardly a worthy motive to become a business. The biggest… Read More »Individualized education

The new education

The history of encyclopedia is extremely illustrative for the development of education. Just think about it: The history of encyclopedia: Printed encyclopedia (Britannica) >> electronic encyclopedia (Encarta)  >>  dynamic Web encyclopedia  (Wikipedia and vertical web search engines) . The history-in-the-making of education: Conventional schools >> online education >> 5iX: interactive, intuitive, intelligent, integrated, and individualized learning (Xuexi 学习) The analogy is much deeper than the surface. The more you think about the concepts and the… Read More »The new education

What is education?

We all see the desperately ill conditions of Chinese education system. But will a new technology or new company arise to become the cure to the ill? My biggest fear is that advocates on education and education technology will end up being unable to cure the ills of the current Chinese education system, but in fact introducing more burdens on students and families. However, the greatest premises, and also promises, of personalized adaptive education is… Read More »What is education?

Startup in education tech

One of the most striking characteristics of successful entrepreneurs is their ability to attract many talented people’s commitment with very little money in the beginning.  It is not merely what they do, but also the things that concomitant with what they do. Several things must occur simultaneously for a company to arise as a star: (1) a golden opportunity that actually exists (not a mere illusion); (2) a clear vision of that opportunity; (3) a compelling articulation… Read More »Startup in education tech