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Truth and academic credentials

Here is a post on Twitter about Bill Gates.

I have no problem with the point being made there, but it is based on fallacious reasoning. Bill Gates is wrong about vaccination because he is misled by his own ungodly view of the world and life, not because he doesn’t have a formal academic degree in medical science.

Gates’ knowledge of biological sciences is broad and quite deep, I would say even beyond most PhDs in any narrow specialty. He’s a very intelligent man and has spent a serious amount of time studying the subjects.

But he’s wrong nonetheless. He is driven and misled by a wrong ideology, which first elevates science into a religion and subsequently commits to fake data to support fake science. This inevitably happens because the fake religion of science inherently needs it and can always find a way to deceive many, including highly intelligent individuals.

Truth is not decided by IQ, academic credentials, or even knowledge. Having a high IQ, advanced credentials and even lots of knowledge is like having a larger engine, but it does not guarantee it’s on the right way heading to the right end.