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Memes are a hack to humanity

Elon Musk tweeted today:

The man who is in power enjoys a play.

But memes are a hack to humanity. It is one thing to suffer the hacking, it is quite another to actively participate in it and even leverage it using power.

While I appreciate Elon’s insights and candidness, his perspective of seeing everything as an entertaining game undermines the values he promotes (even though he clearly thinks that it’s a clever power-play on his part to promote the values he believes in).

True virtue demands both the ‘what’ (the truth) and the ‘how’ (the way).

There is the Way, and the Truth, and then the Life.

Humanity has been acted upon by forces that are not visible to the eyes of the flesh. We all go through this as a test as well as a battle.

There is the matter of choosing a side.