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Are COVID-19 vaccines killing people?

This is an update of the article written in October 2022. A year later, the suspicious and worrisome pattern identified in the original article has indeed continued. In fact, the numbers have become even more suspicious and worrisome.

Weekly death numbers in the combined category of ‘COVID-19, pneumonia and cold ‘ have dropped to around 3,500, about 22% (or 1,000) lower than the pre-covid level of 4,500 (when the category was just pneumonia and cold). Although COVID-19 deaths are still reported in a separate category (currently below 1,000 per week), it is the total number of deaths in this combined category that is more telling (see below for an explanation).

However, what is really alarming is this: The overall total death in the US is still close to 10% higher than the historical average!

That is around 5,000 excess deaths every week, or 260,000 annually.

What is the cause of those persistent excess deaths?

COVID-19 is clearly no longer the answer, at least not directly. The 5,000 weekly excess deaths cannot be explained by COVID-19 deaths (which is only 1,000 weekly) alone. And it looks even more suspicious in the light of the decreased total number of deaths in the combined category.

To understand why this pattern is important, read the original article attached below.

I do not have an anti-vaccine agenda. I am just trying to understand the facts and find the truth.

Vaccination seems to be a top suspect based on the CDC data. However, there may be some other explanations for the excess deaths. For example, perhaps the healthcare system has deteriorated, or people are literally depressed to death, etc. It’s also possible that COVID-19 has generally made people unhealthier and more likely to die even though they may not be diagnosed as COVID-19 deaths.

Unfortunately, the CDC data does not provide additional information.

Regardless of the explanation, the population is less healthy than it was before COVID-19.

The following is the original article published in October 2022 (bear in mind when the article refers to time periods, its reference point is October 2022):

Are COVID-19 vaccines killing people?

(The original article – written in October 2022)

A report alleges that COVID-19 vaccines have killed 20 million people.

How did the analyst reach this conclusion? How did they determine the causation or at least correlation? 

I am suspicious of these mRNA vaccines myself. But I’m worried that (1) we (the world) did not keep good enough data to reveal a deeper truth, and (2) people are jumping to the conclusions that they want.

I’ve been looking at the CDC data. I assume that at least the CDC is not publishing fake data intentionally, and at least the death numbers themselves are quite reliable, even if the classification, medical diagnosis, and prognosis might be of questionable quality, which I have no evidence to believe is the case. This is based on a simple rationale: even if hospitals tended to over-subscribe the COVID-19 category (of which I have no evidence to suspect), it is quite unlikely to fake or make a mistake on death reports.

The CDC data reveals the following simple facts:

(1) During the last six months (an update note: this was dated in October 2022, the same below), on average, the total weekly death numbers exceeded the historical average by about 10%. In weekly numbers, it means 58,000 deaths versus the historical 52,500 weekly. (Note: This is total deaths of all causes.)

In plain numbers, there are about 5500 excess deaths weekly during the last six months on average.

(2) During the same period, the total number of deaths in a combined category of COVID-19, pneumonia and cold is about 5000 deaths weekly on average, very close to the historical level. 

This number might be slightly higher than the historical level of 4500-5000 in this combined category, but the difference is at most around 500 weekly excess deaths on average, which is not enough to count for the total excess deaths of 5500 weekly on average. 

The above are not hypotheses but hard numbers unless you believe CDC data is fake or wrong. 

The numbers are important because they mean the following:

Measuring COVID-19, pneumonia and cold as a combined cause of deaths, we are presently at the same level as the historical average, strongly suggesting that COVID-19 no longer causes excess deaths at this stage of the pandemic, and any fear of that is merely a distorted sampling effect, or a zoom-in effect.

(Note: the pre-COVID category comparable to this combined category is a combination of pneumonia and cold only because there was no COVID. But this is not a discrepancy. It is exactly why the numbers in this category tell important truth in a way that is not intended by the people who prepared the charts)

Over 5,000 total weekly excess deaths in the recent months

But how do you explain the total weekly excess deaths of over 5,000 in recent months when clearly COVID-19 itself is not a significant contributor?

Something else is killing people. 

The question is: What is that ‘something else’ that is killing people? 

There are only two possibilities that I can think of:

(1) Changes in living, medical, and social conditions are causing the excess deaths.

(2) The vaccination is causing the excess deaths.

Either one or a combination of the above (1) and (2) can be causing the excess deaths.

Regardless of which case it is, given that this is when COVID-19, pneumonia, and cold combined aren’t causing significant excess deaths, it suggests that excess deaths of around 5,000 weekly will likely persist for at least some time even if the pandemic is over.

This hidden killer has likely been operative in the past two years but only masked by the high death members of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has indeed killed many people

Regardless of which of the above possibilities is true, COVID-19 is no longer causing excess deaths.

However, this conclusion is based on the data of recent months, not that of the entire epidemic. The CDC data suggest COVID-19 has killed many people in the past three years. 

Even if you don’t trust the death numbers assigned to COVID-19 alone by the CDC, you should at least look at the total deaths in the combined category of ‘COVID-19, pneumonia and cold’ during the pandemic. 

There are stretches of weeks during which the total number of deaths in this combined category went well over 20,000 weekly, more than four times the average historical level in the combined category of pneumonia and cold. 

Note: It also shows why it is important to look at the combined categories instead of the COVID-19 alone because otherwise, people might suspect that deaths caused by pneumonia and cold are incorrectly subscribed to the COVID-19 category simply because the patients may have tested positive. The combined category removes any basis for that suspicion.

It is hard to believe that the excess deaths in those peak periods were caused by vaccination or by anything else but COVID-19 itself.  

There are two separate reasons for the above statement:

(1) If you were to believe that those peak excess deaths were caused by vaccination, you would have to believe that virtually all deaths categorized as COVID-19 deaths in the CDC data were also caused by the vaccination. But how can that be? That would mean you have to believe that most of the vaccine’s victims are mistakenly diagnosed as COVID-19 infections (rather than suspected side effects), an absurd connection not conjectured by even the wildest theories against vaccination.  

(2) If you were to believe that those peak excess deaths were caused by vaccination, you would also have to believe that the adverse effects of the vaccines are predominantly short-term and not long-term. This is because if the vaccine effect is long-term, the peak high levels of total excess deaths would have sustained even when COVID-19 deaths are decreasing. But the data shows the opposite. On the other hand, if the vaccine’s adverse effects are short-term and the dominant killer, we should see a close correlation in the timings between the total number of excess deaths and the vaccination rate. But the CDC data shows no such correlation.

Therefore, at least the peak Covid deaths were indeed attributable to COVID-19.


But the main question remains: COVID-19 is no longer killing people. But where do those persistent excess death numbers come from?

Anyone doing serious research on this topic must look at the data from the above-described angle. If they have a theory or hypothesis, it must be at least consistent with the data under such a view. However, I’ve seen all kinds of complicated analyses, but no one has recognized this simple and straightforward data view.

When it comes to mRNA vaccines, I do not trust the industry or the government agencies, nor do I trust the mainstream career medical experts (as I think they are biased by their own profession, even if not intentionally). I do not trust these anti-vaccination reports either.

We need to see better data and analyses.