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Enterprises are starting to see the truth in blockchain

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BIT & COIN:  Merging Digitality and Physicality

In this post, Worldvest’s Garrett Krause shows admirable insights and steadfastness. The company made a move to tokenize gold on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Tokenized gold is in itself a great move (see, for example, Gold is superior money, and tokenized gold is a superior currency). However, choosing the Bitcoin SV blockchain requires a different kind of knowledge.

Very few can cut through the fog and thickets that currently exist in the cancerous crypto world and come to the true usefulness of blockchain as originally envisioned by Satoshi. But Garrett Krause at Worldvest did, clearly not swayed by the crypto misinformation.

Many will advise that you made a mistake, and they are likely to be well-meaning. But they are victims of the misinformation. They may feel they have strong independent convictions, but the reality is different. They’ve been misled.

Only the original blockchain as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto has this capability. And it is not BTC as most people have been misled to believe. 

The world needs a unifying base blockchain that has the following:

— extremely low CoT (cost of transaction) at the level of $0.00001/tx, and
— extremely high scalability (TPS in millions, then billions, and essentially unbounded). 

Anything short of that will lead us to more and more L2 patchwork done with marginal improvement on CoT and scalability but at the cost of introducing uncontrollably worsening centralization, re-centralization, and security hazards.

It would not only defeat the very purpose of blockchain in the first place but in fact put the world in a worse position than it is now.

It does that by giving us a fake blockchain solution that is less secure, less efficient, and more expensive than traditional databases with the existing Internet.

[Recommend my two-volume book for more reading]:

BIT & COIN:  Merging Digitality and Physicality