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The Mind behind the universe

The universe is fundamentally energy and information. Everything else can be reduced to these two elements.

A fundamental question is naturally this: How do energy and information relate to each other?

The theories oscillate between these two possibilities: energy controls information (in a sense that information only emerges as reality when it complies with a preset rule of energy), or information controls energy (in a sense that energy emerges as existence according to a preset rule of information).

But both theories end up being circular and become a distinction without a difference.

The truth is that energy and information together point to a Mind, and it is the Mind that is the true source and master of both energy and information.

The truth, however, is scandalous if not blasphemous to the ears of the majority in this so-called age of science, which worships science, a mere attempted human explanation of the universe rather than its true Source of energy and information.

But no science is worthy of, or is capable of, being an object of worship, nor does the objective science demand such worship. There is always another one who is behind the pedestal, secretly stealing hearts and minds.

Guard your heart and mind, they are too precious to be spent on idolatry.