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Beyond optics to reality: the gap of information

I recently saw an interesting optical illusion, which probably has been seen by many. A small image shows a figure of a man’s head, but when clicked on to view at a higher resolution (a larger size), it is really a group of children whose body shapes are arranged in a particular pattern to create the effect. 

I paused on this and gave it some thought. I’m not sure if I like the trick, but I did find it interesting. My thought is unlikely the same as what the original creator of the image had intended (in fact, they are more likely to be quite the opposite), but it really does illustrate something that’s far deeper than a mere optical effect.

As observers of this universe, we humans usually don’t have a high-resolution whole picture of what we are seeing. We only have partial information, limited by either the resolution or the coverage, or both. Whatever is lacking, our brain fills it with extrapolation based on our interpretation. The extrapolation can be automatic, intuitive, or even subconscious, as in the above visual perception. The final image we perceive is really our personal interpretation of the information we receive.

The question is, where does the extra information that we use for extrapolation come from?  Some say it is from our past experience, some say it is pure imagination, but some say it is from an internal mental vision, and some say it is from an external inspiration.  

It could be any and all of them.  But it’s important that we always examine our interpretation (the perceived image) of the world. Our subjective feeling or experience does not have the final say.  It is the actual reality that has the final say.

As in the optical illusion above, the reality at a higher resolution is very different from what is apparently perceived at a lower resolution. If one is serious about visual perception, he might even call the whole arrangement a deception.

Unfortunately, a lot of things we see today are just that: deception.

If the illusion is merely visual or optical, it may be easy to uncover or understand. But if the deception is in our mental perception or even spiritual perception, it can be much harder to uncover or to understand and can also be much more harmful.

Some of the most common and powerful spiritual illusions are fake religions that are really based on human inventions and supported by the energy of human flesh rather than true spiritual revelation.

Yet another powerful and harmful spiritual illusion is the atheistic perception of the universe supported by unreasonable extrapolations of limited science or even fake science. See Science and Faith.

But whether it is fake religion or fake science, it is our responsibility to make sure that we interpret the universe and our life correctly to reach the ultimate Reality.

What or who is the ultimate Reality?  

The ultimate reality is the Creator Himself, who is the Word, became flesh to reveal the glory of the Father.  His name is Jesus Christ. He is the Truth.

Man is a special species that is created to observe and interpret creation, which is the whole universe, including man himself, for the purpose of understanding and connecting with the Creator. After the first man (Adam) failed, the Creator became a Man himself to end the first man and bring man into a different dimension, a new creation.

The ultimate question for everyone is, have you come to see the Creator through Jesus clearer today and every day?

We are not given other choices. We either receive more truth to know God better or receive misinformation or disinformation from other sources to distance ourselves from God further.  In the past, we could deliberately reject external information. But we increasingly cannot do that because of the ubiquitous digital information, the “television” which started as TV, but then your computer, your phone, and will be something new in the future, but it’s all “television“. Now the television is all intensified and augmented by AI.  And more is coming.  

Most things you see today on your screens are designed to occupy your mind, to fill the gap in your information space. The gap is the lack of resolution our eyes can perceive, either spatially or dimensionally.  

If you don’t fill the gap with true knowledge and revelation, it will get filled with either garbage or poison. And AI is and will be creating more and more such misinformation or disinformation in the future.

Humanity has been infiltrated by this television realm. The technology itself is neutral and can be used to achieve different purposes. But as humanity is being fed, processed, reshaped, and manipulated through this system of soul-influencers, it’s quite clear what the system is primarily designed for.

Take heed to satanist Anto LaVey’s words spoken in the late 1960s as the TV was becoming ubiquitous. LaVey saw television as the major mainstream infiltration for the satanic religion because, using it, people maintain the illusion of choice by flipping channels. “It doesn’t matter what is flashing on the screen. All that’s important is that the TV stays on.”

More than 50 years later, television has exceeded satanist LaVey’s expectations. It has stayed on, but it didn’t merely stay on. It is able to maintain that more and more of what is flashing on the screen is either garbage or poisonous, which is essentially satanic even if it doesn’t directly proclaim a satanic message (although more frequently, it does just that).

See, for example, TikTok and the digital info pig field.

If you’ve heard about the spiritual journeys of Steven Jobs (Apple’s founder) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook’s founder), how they went to India to seek wisdom from mystic gurus and learned the secrets of the most effective ways to control the thoughts and minds of the mass, you’ll probably understand what this means.

The good news is that there is a separation between good and evil.  This is far more universal and fundamental than what we call good and evil in a human moral sense. “Good” means something acceptable and suited for the New Creation by God, and “evil” means things that are unsuitable for the new creation and rightly belong to the lake of fire to be burned in the end.

Only a few gems come out in the midst of massive muddy floods of garbage. But it does not mean Satan is winning. It only means that God is picky.  The good is precious in His eyes.