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Is BSV correctly priced?

Joshua Hensley recently wrote, ‘BSV is correctly priced‘.

If the large-scale utility promised by the real Bitcoin BSV never materializes, then I agree that BSV is correctly priced at present.

But ‘correctly priced’ and ‘fairly priced’ are not the same thing. Measured by the fundamentals based on real utility, while BSV may be ‘correctly’ priced, other coins are overpriced by at least 1000 times collectively.

There is a system working behind the crypto world. It is clear what the system is promoting and what it is suppressing.

In fact, given the current level of actual adoption, it is a bit surprising to me that this market, one that is completely obsessed with self-referencing negative-information speculations, actually gives BSV a valuation of $700 million. It must be because at least one out of a thousand (0.1%) people in this market do understand some truth about Bitcoin, blockchain, and the future internet.

Other coins, I understand, even when they are grossly overpriced, because they are what this market produces. They are the babies of the monster. But BSV belongs to an entirely different family, a different lineage. All the mistreatment and abuse BSV suffers in this market is only evidence of that.

But there is hope as long as Bitcoin Satoshi Vision still lives. BSV will see its day when it is traded fairly as a commodity in a proper commodity trading market.

In contrast, crypto will either die or be forced into a redefined market where the crypto assets are traded as regulated securities. If people want to speculate, they should be allowed to, but when a thing is offered as a security, the trading will require securities law and regulations.

There may be some other digital assets that will join BSV in the commodity market. But most cryptocurrencies today are offered and traded as securities and will be treated by the law accordingly.

For BSV, adoption for real utility, whether consumer, enterprise, or government, micropayments, tokenization, IoV, or Web3, is coming. It is not fantasy. It is destiny.

And it must come, for otherwise, our world dies with a pandemic called ‘crypto’ and other complications caused by degenerative AI.

(Now, in case you think I don’t understand the usefulness of AI, I tell you I do, but that is a different matter; see, for example, AI is not generative but synthetic.)