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The DeFi report “Why Decentralised Finance (DeFi) Matters and the Policy Implications”

OECD - OCDE report "Why Decentralised Finance (#DeFi) Matters and the Policy Implications"

It's a 70-page report. Concerning one reader's objection to its length, however, I'd say, in general, there are things that should be written in few words, but there are also things that require many words. A theory can be short, but implementations and studies of their effects might not be.

Read more... The full content of this chapter is available in the two-volume book:

Bit & Coin

Merging Digitality and Physicality

Volume IDigital Humanity’s Truth Layer - The New Internet, its Authenticity Layer, and Applications
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Volume IIBitcoin, Blockchain, and Beyond - Essays of Science, Economics, Law, Ethics, and Controversies
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