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“Meritocracy”​ and “Equality”​

Headline: Nation’s No. 1 High School Poised To Pick Students Based On Race, Not Achievement

While debating over “meritocracy” and “equality”, we are ignorant of another related and much more fundamental risk:  


Once you do away with meritocracy, the floods of corruption come in (or come out from within, to be more exact), because this type of corruption is inherent with the corrupt nature of the fallen race of Adam. People’s acts start to corrupt once subjective standards start to dominate, even with the best intentions. 

Should it not be a warning that God had to ordain a “proof of work” principle in order to protect humans from their own crushing corruption (see Genesis 3:19)? 

Do away with proof of work, you have only one way to go: corruption.

Meritocracy may sound cruel, but it is a remedy or antidote to a much worse disease: corruption. 

It is a hard reality that meritocracy inevitably results in inequality. But inequality is not in itself a terminal disease but just a condition that involves (requires) an exercise of human heart (versus an exercise of human talents characteristic of meritocracy).

It involves an exercise of the human heart because the best and the most effective remedy to inequality is love. But love has to be genuine and personal. Genuine love does not corrupt. Sacrificing one’s own benefits, rights, and properties for others is love, forcing others to do the same is not.

A society that has run into a “deficit of love” is in a perilous situation because people are allured to forcing equality rather than addressing the root of the deficit, not knowing that forcing equality in turn accelerates the root deficit and pushes the society into a cold downward spiral. 

Americans are losing braveness against the fallen nature, yet at the same time are cultivating growing self-confidence and boldness against the fundamental laws ordained by the Creator.

Because of this ill placed confidence and boldness, the popular thought gravitates toward this fallacy: as long as we have a good intention, we will achieve a good result. 

To note, communists had some of the best intentions. Communists did not start with evil intentions. It is in American imagination that they did. Ironically, it is the demonization of communism through propaganda that made actual communism/socialism ideologies so dangerous today, because it has made us think that those communists//socialists were evil people who had evil intentions, but we are different, because we mean well, and therefore we cannot possibly be them, and we can’t possibly be wrong.