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Bitcoin is a computer

Ryan X. Charles’ interview with Michael Wehrmann (“Bitcoin is going to be the largest computer ever“) is an interesting read for the insights. 

Aside from knowing God and understanding the universe itself, I think no question is more profound than knowing what “computation” is. Although I’m not quite sure if I like the concept of “the universe is a computer” (as seriously implied in the recent theory-of-everything formulated by Stephen Wolfgram), I do believe the universe is designed not only with an apparent structure, but with a more fundamental and hidden elemental algorithm, which, at an abstract level, is “computation“.  

So whatever computational systems advanced by the human race, they are only small sets of simulation that have to comply with the natural laws and moral laws to be essentially useful and morally correct (for the latter, I would have used the word “righteous” in a different context, but it tends to provoke irrational connotations).

I use the word “moral” because being a Christian by faith, I do believe the universe is not merely mechanical, but rather fundamentally moral. And by “moral” I do not mean that the universe positively embodies perfect morality, but rather that it is subject to a moral judgment, both before and after Adam’s fall.  

For this reason, Ryan Charles’ comments during the interview are very helpful for gaining a handle on these questions concerning Bitcoin, BSV, Metanet, and even down to the specific applications like Money Button Ryan Charles has been building.  

I like the idea that Bitcoin (as in the BSV’s vision) is moral. But I need yet more evidence to support such a conclusion. At this point, doubt arises every time when I look at BSV’s “golden-dragon totem” icon. 

However, as a result of my very conscientious survey of the blockchain world, I don’t see any other man-made systems stand above BSV in the moral department. Not in the current blockchain universe anyway. 

Meanwhile, China’s Blockchain Service Network (BSN) just launched. I am both skeptical and concerned. Would be interesting to see how Bitcoin evolves and how it would eventually come in contact to interact with BSN (if it does at all).