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Bitcoin, Chaos and Order

Craig Wright interview Bitcoin, Chaos and Order in Religion” is a very interesting interview.

CSW is more of a theologian than a man of faith (or if he is, he isn’t revealing it). At least as far as Bitcoin and CSW’s public opinions are concerned, he is not relating the topic to eternity, but only to the present world in practical terms, despite the fact that the particular interview is meant to cover religion.

For example, his comment “there will always be light and darkness, because if there was only light, it would destroy us” is a very accurate description of this present fallen world which exists in time (versus eternity), but not the eternity.

The mix of day and night (light and darkness) is one of the strongest features of “time” (Genesis 1:4), and time is a temporal feature, as eternity is not infinite time but absolutely no time. In eternity, there will be no night/darkness, but only day/light (Revelation 22:5), and the light would not kill those who are in the light.

That’s also the reason why CSW couldn’t answer (perhaps out of hesitation instead of lack of understanding) the question of “false light” raised by the interviewer, who rephrased the question as “how would Satan use Bitcoin?”

Contrary to the common belief, the controversy between God and Satan is not simply a question of “order versus chaos,” which is only true if you view it from an ultimate and overarching principle, but not how it is manifested in the reality of the present world.

The characteristic controversy of the present world in which we live is more one of “order versus false order” than of “order versus chaos.”

This is because Satan’s way is through deception, not through a direct conflict. This is the reason why, on the one hand, the Bible calls Satan “lawlessness,” and on the other hand, reveals that Satan is the one that works very hard to build a system (false order) for his end.

The simplistic notion that Satan only means to bring disorder/chaos to human life is a misunderstanding of Satan and an underestimate of his intelligence. From the City/Tower of Babel to the Great City of Babylon, Satan has been hard at work to build that false order with a single purpose: to draw the worship of man away from God and to Satan himself.

Back to Bitcoin. Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) does not and cannot promise true light to the world (claiming otherwise it would be idolatry), but does help establish a human reality with a basic and protective realm of truth, such that people would at least have some means in this passing world to rely upon when surrounded and misled by lies.

It is not salvation. It is humanity, better preserved for the eventual and ultimate salvation. But this too, is only a theory as far as an earthly project is concerned. I like it when CSW says that he “could be wrong.” We as humans all could be wrong. Tread with caution, honesty and wisdom, but more importantly faith, hope and love.